There was a time when engineers needed to wait until a project was under construction to gauge how its motion factors would operate. They could design and draw and sketch all the different components and perform hefty mathematical computations to see how the final product would function. In the end, though, it was necessary to build the unit to see how the movement aspects would translate into reality.
Using AVI Animations to Predict MotionComputer-aided design (CAD) programs have come a long way in recent years. Now, it is possible for an engineer to create a design and define a movement algorithm all within one program. Once the project has been defined in such a way, the engineer can render it into an AVI (or other animation) file.
In this way, the engineer can see the actual movement that will be produced by the component. He or she can detect and prevent such problems as part collision or failure. The animations are an invaluable tool in problem-solving for engineers, and they can save countless sums of money that would have been spent on building faulty parts. read my reviews here
AVI animations are also beneficial to the clients of engineers. AVI files are common enough to run on most computer platforms. Engineers can easily demonstrate to a client how a particular part will function in the final product. Such a means of communication to the client can pay off tremendously in customer confidence.

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