Report Outline For Undergraduate Practice 
Organization of work on the preparation of a report on pre-diploma practice. In the sections of the various guidelines, the practice report outline is considered synonymous with “content” or “table of contents”. Nevertheless, it is well known that pay someone to write my paper will help you create a table of contents is a listing of structural elements with an indication of the page numbers on which they are located, in terms of page numbers are not needed, its purpose is to be a guide in a student's work on a report. The practice report plan should reflect all the structural elements of the work:

  • introduction;
  • main (general) part, which should display sections and subsections of the report;
  • conclusion;
  • applications;
  • list of sources used.

 These elements must be indicated in the plan in the same order in which they will be presented in the report. When formulating the titles of sections, again, give preference to simple sentences, not burdening them with empty information. Formulations in the form of phrases are possible with expertise. The plan itself is not included in the report, it must be drawn up in the form of a table of contents or table of contents and only then filed to the general work. Recall that the table of contents is compiled at the last stages, when the page numbers are known exactly. 
The work on the plan for the report can be facilitated by using the methodological recommendations, which describe the structure of the report, and sometimes samples of the plan are submitted. Examples of plans are also presented on the Internet, but if you decide to use them, compare their structure with that given in your manual, since there may still be slight discrepancies. 
Comparison of plans for practice and plans for research
An individual plan of internship, similar to the plan that is drawn up by before writing a thesis or master's thesis. The difference is only in the amount of time that needs to be allocated between the points of the plan (pre-diploma practice - 7-8 weeks, and scientific work - from six months to one and a half years). An individual plan for passing an internship, since an individual plan of work on a scientific research must be approved at the department (the first - with the head of the practice, the second - with the supervisor). The requirements for the outline of the report are the same as for the plans for scientific research, but be careful with the structure, each of the named works has its own peculiarities of composition. 
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