Why Cash App Direct Deposit Failed?If you're Cash App Direct Deposit has been unsuccessful, there are a variety of possible reasons for why it's not working. Visit your account's status to ensure that your account is current to the date and that your account details are correct. If they're not, you'll need update your information and reboot the Cash App. The most common causes to blame Cash App direct deposit failures include inaccurate account information or a problem with your mobile. There are several ways to fix the issue and you can read this article for more details. What is the reason for Cash App Pending? There are many reasons your account may not be accessible or direct deposit could be in a pending. The first reason is due to your account being currently in maintenance. If that is the situation, you'll not be able to view the pending deposit in the app. The second possibility is that your bank might have placed an order to hold the money. The reason for this varies depending on the state on your accounts, however they generally, they are related to your employer or information not being in line with.

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