Soon, the formation of captured soldiers was completed, with 120 artillery companies, 80 heavy machine gun companies, 200 trench teams, 40 engineer companies, 30 cavalry companies, 16 medical soldiers to the regiment field ambulance, 14 telephone soldiers to the signal platoon, and the remaining 900 men in six teams waiting for orders. The thirty-first chapter is the third battle of Xiaoshui (three). In a mountain village about 40 kilometers from Liping, a famous city in southeastern Guizhou, the central column was still camping after a night's March. The confidential section chief ran over, shouting "Great Victory of the 18th Regiment, Great Victory of the 18th Regiment," and woke up many people.No one knew what had happened.Many soldiers stood up with their guns. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Zhang Wentian, Wang Jiaxiang, Bo Gu and other central leaders are still resting. The voice of the argument between the confidential section chief and the guards came over, and several leaders were alarmed. They all got up and went to the door of their camp yard. When Liu Bocheng, Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army, saw the confidential section chief holding a telegram in his hand, he asked, "Comrade, what's the matter? Are you in such a hurry?" Only then did the confidential section chief feel that he was so happy that he quickly reported, "Report to the chief of staff that the 18th Red Regiment has won a great victory and completely wiped out the enemy's 16th Hunan Division." "What?" Liu Bocheng grabbed the telegram, glanced through it, and burst out laughing. "Why are you so happy, Bocheng?" Asked Mr. Zhu. Liu Bocheng hurriedly said,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, "Report to the Commander-in-Chief that the 18th Red Regiment wiped out He Jian's 16th Division this morning." General Zhu took the telegram, read it roughly, and then burst out laughing: "Bo Gu, Enlai, Luo Fu, Jiaxiang, Lao Mao, you quickly see, the 18th Regiment killed the 16th Hunan Division and captured the enemy division commander.". Have fun, have fun! Vice Chairman Zhou took the telegram, glanced at it,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and read it out excitedly: Our regiment left a platoon in the county seat of Tongdao to camouflage its main force. After a night of rapid March, the whole regiment arrived at Xiaoshui Village, Shanmuqiao Township, Tongdao on the morning of the 12th to occupy the ambush position. At 10:00 a.m., the enemy's 48th Vanguard Brigade of the 16th Hunan Division ran into the ambush circle and was completely wiped out. Our regiment immediately moved forward to ambush the position. At 10:50, the headquarters of the enemy's Hunan 16th Division led the 47th Brigade into the ambush circle and was completely wiped out. Our regiment moved forward to the ambush position again, and at 12:20, the reinforced enemy 46th Brigade entered the ambush circle and was completely wiped out. In this battle, there are three days in a day, and all the three days are successful. A total of one division headquarters, three brigade headquarters and six regiments of the enemy's 16th Hunan Division were wiped out, killing 8482 enemy troops, wounding 1270 and capturing 1420 enemy troops below the commander of the 16th Hunan Division. Four radio stations, a mountain artillery battalion of the 28th Hunan Army, 12 mountain guns, 36 mortars, 36 heavy machine guns, 218 light machine guns, 6450 rifles, 472 pistols, 538 submachine guns and 120 vehicles of ammunition were captured. Our army suffered no casualties and wounded 76. In addition, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, I would like to ask for instructions on two things: First, how to deal with Zhang Liangji, commander of the 16th Hunan Division. 2. Lu Wen, a telegraph operator of the 48th Brigade of the 16th Hunan Division captured by our regiment, claimed to be an underground party member and had rendered meritorious service in luring the headquarters of the 16th Hunan Division and the 47th Brigade into the ambush. He asked the General Political Department to check. The 18th Red Regiment. December 12th at 12:50. After reading the telegram, Vice Chairman Zhou was so excited that he could not speak for a long time. Mao Zedong took the telegram and read it carefully, and then said, "Great, the heroic 18th Red Regiment!"! Dare to defeat six with one in a reorganized group, win three victories in three battles, and lose zero in battle. Since the establishment of the Red Army, there has never been such a record! Enlai, General Manager, I suggest that the battle report of the Eighteenth Regiment be notified to the whole army, and that all regiments be ordered to attack the intended target at full speed and defeat the Guizhou Army. He called on the whole army to learn from the heroic Red Eighteenth Regiment, not afraid of fatigue and sacrifice, and dare to defeat all enemies. It is suggested to send a telegram back to the 18th Regiment: First, the troops should quickly move covertly and look for another fighter plane to avoid being surrounded by the enemy's heavily armed group. 2. Reiterate that the battle of the 18th Regiment was decided by Liu Yimin, the regimental commander. Third, Zhang Liangji was released at an appropriate time after education, demanding that he convey to Liu Jianxu of the Hunan Army the purpose of the Red Army's northward anti-Japanese war, and warning the Hunan Army not to pursue our army any more. Vice Chairman Zhou said: "I would like to add that the matter of telegraph operator Lu Wen will be reported separately after it is clarified.". ” After asking for everyone's opinion, Mr. Zhu said to the confidential section chief: "Just send it according to this opinion!" The confidential section chief repeated it and saw that several leaders had no objection, so he ran to send a telegram. Mao Zedong said, "Let's go, guys. We can't sleep any more. The 18th Regiment has hurt the Hunan Army. It's our turn to wipe out the Guizhou Army." At this time, Liu Yimin was busy training the troops. Just now, after Liu Yimin stirred up the emotions of the captives of the Hunan Army, the leaders of several regiments studied on the spot and immediately convened a cadre meeting to announce the establishment of the 5th Battalion of the 18th Regiment, with the 3rd Company of the 1st Battalion and the 6th Company of the 2nd Battalion as the backbone, adding 150 soldiers of the Hunan Army to the 13th, 14th and 15th companies. Zhao Shan, the former deputy commander of the 1st Battalion, was promoted to the 5th Battalion Commander, and Wang Nanhu, the deputy commander of the 2nd Battalion, was; The 6th Battalion of the 18th Regiment was established, with the 9th Company of the 3rd Battalion and the 12th Company of the 4th Battalion as the backbone, supplemented by 150 soldiers of the Hunan Army, organized into three companies, 16, 17 and 18. Lei Ming, the former battalion commander of the new battalion, was appointed as the battalion commander of the 6th Battalion, and Li Deguang, the former deputy battalion commander for the 3rd Battalion, was promoted to instructor; The first, second, third and fourth battalions were equipped with a radio station, each supplemented by 150 soldiers of the Hunan Army, and formed new companies of 3, 6, 9 and 12 respectively. All six combat battalions are equipped with two mortars, three heavy machine guns and 12 light machine guns. Each infantry squad has a light machine gun, the squad leader and deputy squad leader are equipped with a submachine gun, a new shell gun that can be fired continuously, and each of the other soldiers has a 79 rifle, 100 bullets and 6 grenades. Looking at the whole of China at that time, the firepower of the six combat battalions of the 18th Red Regiment was the first one. Li Chang finally became an artillery battalion commander, leading two mountain artillery companies and two mortar companies. He was happy to discuss with Wang Shanzhu, the instructor who was also promoted, whether to find an opportunity to fire a few artillery drills. Wang Shanzhu told him directly that he could not move a shell without the command of the regimental commander. Li Chang rubbed his hands helplessly and shouted: "My hands are itchy. My hands are really ***ing itchy!" The heavy machine gun company was also upgraded to a heavy machine gun battalion, with three heavy machine gun companies, each equipped with eight heavy machine guns, and the battalion leader was promoted from the former machine gun company leader. The trench team was renamed the trench battalion,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, and the battalion leader was changed from the former trench team leader, equipped with infantry weapons, responsible for the protection and transportation of captured materials.

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