The people who come to these high-end flagship stores have some status, and their posture makes people look askance. At this time. Mom Su Xiaomu was very upset, was about to get angry, but was diverted by this call, a careful look, the original son found, she immediately smiled: "Xiao Yao!" When she saw the man behind her son, her body shook. Why did he follow her? As if guessing what she was thinking, Jing Yan said lightly, "We have agreed to celebrate Xiao Yao's birthday together tonight." Is still a restrained black dress, he is very tall, Su Xiaomu 1.65 meters is only to his armpit. Xia Xiaoran pushed her, and she realized that, yes, even if they were unhappy, he would keep his promise, and in his eyes, his son was the most important, so important that he could marry her for his son. Jing Yao has been intimately holding Su Xiaomu's hand standing beside Jing Yan, at first glance is a happy family of three. Mr. King. The sharp-eyed store manager was already waiting respectfully and obeying orders. But Zhou Chen, after all, is still shallow in the world. He shouted in a daze, "Mr. Jing?" Apart from the occasional appearance in financial magazines,aluminium laminated tube, there is only a vague profile, and his whereabouts are almost a mystery. Today, I saw a real person. The momentum was extraordinary. Just standing there, there was no room for others to speak. Jing Yan seemed to be transparent when Zhou Chen said lightly, "Don't have the same knowledge as people who don't matter." Doesn't matter? The Zhou family is also a talkative person in the capital, but he is so frivolous? Zhou Chen was as stiff as a fossil. But Su Xiaomu was so happy that he forgot himself and took his arm and said, "Well, let's go to dinner and don't waste time with them." Only Jing Yan appeared,polyfoil tube, Su Xiaomu's world, only him. Jing Yan was stunned. After all, he didn't refuse her intimate action. But the happiest one was probably Jing Yao. He didn't forget to invite Xia Xiaoran back: "Sister Xiaoran, today is my birthday. Shall we go to dinner together?" Xia Xiaoran was not so uninterested to be a third wheel. He shook his head and said, "I won't go." She spoke in the direction of Xiaomu, "I'll give you a birthday gift another day." "Oh." Jing Yao Le Tao Tao answered and left the flagship store with his parents. She glanced at the livid Zhou Chen, but a girl spoiled by the glory of identity, there is always a time when she suffered, do not be a Wang Lan, her impression of Zhou Yuemin is still a good person. Xia Xiaoran thought of Jing Yan's gentle eyes just now, perhaps he did not necessarily love Xiao Mu, but he himself had not yet noticed it. After all, every relationship is unique, and everyone has their own love story. Think about it The air was filled with the peculiar smell of tobacco, and the dark yellow light of the hollowed-out lampshade at the head of the bed made his handsome face more profound, and his bright black eyes had a confusing color, empty lotion tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, which frightened her to shrink back until there was no way out. The bed surface covered with black brocade and her red and white skin formed a strong visual impact. Seeing her trembling lovely little appearance, he raised his lips and laughed out loud. The more she wanted to hide, the more he wanted to get close to her: "Baby, don't be afraid of me." He pulled open her arms, which were crossed over her chest, and his bony fingers clasped tightly with her, and the bright scenery in his eyes made the streamer in his eyes turn. He lowered his head and kissed her lips carefully, murmuring tenderly: "Ran Ran.." Ran Ran. The strong and handsome body pressed her heavily, so that she could not break away and blossom under her own body. Thin lips gradually down, inch by inch to gnaw her soul, she tightened her body can not help trembling, but can not resist, he is too strong, how to escape also can not escape, she slowly closed her eyes, resigned to all the humiliation and unwilling to hide. Little did he know that this grievance had aroused his desire to conquer. He kissed her wantonly and skillfully ignited the fire on her body. Before long, the intermittent singing came out from between her lips and teeth. He sighed with satisfaction, and the strength of his hands increased unconsciously. On his white skin, there were red marks showing sovereignty. She couldn't stand the pain. When she opened her eyes, his appearance was printed in the black water eyes. He was very helpless and loved by people. It made him more and more mad. The deep kiss made her almost breathless. She was as soft as water in his arms and let him rub it. She was still fascinated, but he had already opened her body, saw the right time to intrude heavily, she suddenly arched her waist, beautiful neck like a swan with a neck, and was pressed forward by him, listening to her broken moans, climbing on the side of the waist legs to try to break away from his containment, provoking him to move even more, like a boat. That twist made him crazy, and his breathing became rapid. He kissed her tearful eyes in intoxication and coaxed her with a hoarse voice: "Ran Ran, do you like it?"? Say it.. Do you like it? She shook her head from side to side, grabbed his arm and cried in a coquettish voice. "No, I don't want it." "No more." His eyes narrowed, his hands stretched out to hold her slender waist and sat up, where the burning forced her more deeply, making her crisp and numb. He pressed his good temper against her face and continued to ask, "Do you like that?"? Uh? Baby? Still sobbing, she refused to answer, and finally, unable to bear it, she answered his request in her infatuation: "Like, like.." Give me a break. He held her in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. "That's good. Tell me, who am I?"? Who is loving you? "You are Fu, Fu Xiyao." Her mind, which had been pulled away, was running out, and she answered in a daze. Say! You are mine! He suddenly pinched her waist and pushed it hard. She cried again and murmured in all kinds of grievances: "It's yours, I'm yours …" At last he smiled contentedly, and somewhere in his heart he softened, but he clenched his teeth and refused to stop. The fullness of her chest teased him and seduced him. He slowed down his movements,eye cream packaging tube, but increased his strength, which was bound to make her sink with him. At the end of the love affair, he held her tightly in his arms and sighed. Such a beautiful woman made him want to hide her and belong to him alone. A dream without trace.

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