He wanted to take his shoulder, but found that his shoulder was covered with scars, and in one place he could even see Senbai's bones. A pair of hands is like a bird that can't find a foothold on the sea, in a hurry and helpless. Speechless and choked, hands and feet at a loss, but so. Monkey, Brother Monkey.. Ange suddenly red eyes, looking at Fang Yi's injury, but nothing can be done, only the heart was gouged out one by one. His fingers trembled and trembled, and finally he stroked his face, which was half covered with blood. Fang Yi lowered his eyes and looked at Chiyou's arrow. Then he looked at him again and asked, "There's no time, is there?" He had heard a little about the power of Chiyou's arrows. The person who is hit by an arrow has only one stick of incense at most. Yes.. We have "Ange choked, as if his throat was stuck with a thorn." Brother Monkey, my spell has been broken, and the insect has been dug. I am a free man. " From now on, you don't have to worry about spells, and you don't have to worry about being pinned down. I also persuaded Guan Yao that she promised to come forward to clarify and return your innocence. The national teacher can withdraw his troops immediately, and you can bury the hatchet and stop fighting. However, they miss each other for several months, and finally meet each other after going through ups and downs, but after the separation, it is death. My little yaksha, has been so powerful ah.. "Fang Yi's smile relaxed,collapsible pallet box, but only once, the sharp sword eyebrows twisted up again." But I'm not willing to give you a hug before I leave. He had an arrow thrust into his chest, one end of which was facing Ango. Ango was beaten to pieces by this sentence. He hugged Fang Yi from his side and put his forehead against his cheek. "Nonsense. You don't hug me. It's impossible to get rid of me." After a pause, he added, "It's impossible in this life." Fang Yi listened to his voice trembling, suddenly recalled the first time, Ange wedding dress red makeup, drunk staring at himself, inarticulate said: "You are that monkey ah?"? He's very handsome! At that time,plastic pallet price, Saya smiled brightly, illuminating the long night and driving away the haze eroded by the secular world. I used to laugh for him, but now I shed tears for him. With the passage of time, even though there were thousands of romantic memories in the past, they can only be sealed in the memory forever with the fate of reincarnation. When people are gone, there is nothing left. Fang Yi lowered his eyes and looked at his bleeding palm. "Does your hand hurt?" He asked. Ange clenched the corner of his clothes. "It hurts. It hurts so much that I'm dying. Brother Monkey has to help me blow it quickly." With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Fang Yi slowly raised his eyes and looked at the blue sky after the snow, his eyes somewhat scattered. I'm afraid I can't do it today. I'm very tired. Sleep for a while. When I wake up I'll blow you again, okay? Ango hurriedly came out of his arms, holding his face and looking at each other, "Brother Monkey, you can't sleep.". I take you home, we go to find the cold needle, he is so powerful, there must be a way! Fang Yi just shook his head. "He only knows medicine, not magic." Ango burst into tears, and in an instant, as if he had been abandoned by the world, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet suppliers, "He will, he will!" Fang Yi laboriously wiped away his tears. "Be good and don't cry." Ango shook his head. "I'm not good, I've never been good!"! You have to control me. You can't leave me! Fang Yi wanted to kiss him to comfort him, but found that he had no strength at all. He only stared at his eyes in a daze. "Little Yaksha, you cry..". My heart was broken too. ......” Ango's tears still did not stop, sobbed, and asked: "If I don't cry, can you not leave me?" "I told you that if an old friend misses you, the dead will not really die..". He's just And went to another place to wander.. The light in Fang Yi's eyes gradually dimmed, holding a trace of reason before he did not fall, but he was unable to do what he wanted, his consciousness slowly dissipated from his body, and his speech became shallow: Little Yaksha, you said.. If you hadn't married me by mistake Where would you be, where would I be.. Ange blamed himself and said, "Brother Monkey, I did this to you..". If I hadn't come to Rongguo, You would not have these misfortunes, and you would not have to suffer again and again. If time goes back, I won't promise Anruyi even if I swallow a thousand needles! Fang Yi just smiled shallowly and did not speak immediately. After a long time, he finally did not resist sleepiness, heroic eyes slowly closed, but after closing his eyes, weak and said: "If time goes back, I will ask for an imperial edict..". Issue a letter of appointment , name names.. Marry Ange, the ninth son of Weiguo ...... How ?” Then he said very slightly in his throat, "Little Yaksha, I love you." At the last moment, he finally said the most important thing in his life. Ango hugged him tightly, listening quietly, the breath of the man in his arms gradually became shallow, gradually weak like snowflakes scattered by the wind, gradually.. I can't even hear you. 。 The tears were frozen and hurt my eyes. His eyes are motionless, so dull, the first time to experience the feeling of cold blood, but also the first time to experience, heart pain to stop beating, hope to collapse. Ping Jiao people still hold the sword, seal if the book's order has not been issued, they do not know how to advance and retreat. Ango listened to the voices around him, and his grief was gradually replaced by anger. His eyes filled with tears, eyes firm, seems to have decided what, raised his hand, holding the Chiyou arrow still inserted in Fang Yi's body, along the direction of the arrow feather, a hard pumping. Poof The black Chiyou arrow was pulled out of Fang Yi's body, and with a warm blood, it slipped in an arc in midair and fell to the ice. Very gently, he let Fang Yi lie on the ground and wiped the mud on his face, but because of the wound on his hand, the mud was finally wiped away and covered with a layer of red blood. Ange looked at Fang Yi greedily and kissed him between his handsome eyebrows, very pious. He met Fang Yi not long ago, but it seems that he has experienced life after life. Memories suddenly drifted back to the past,collapsible pallet bin, and dribs and drabs flashed through his mind. When he was newly married and drunk, he was thrown out of bed. Fang Yi said, "It's hard to wait for the hall of elegance." 。 binpallet.com

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