In this scene, all the disciples of Zixiaobao Sect stared, and some of them could not help but feel a chill on their backs. More than a dozen Jinxian Zongmen elders actually apologized to an outer disciple, to an outer disciple! Lin Tian saw this group of elders carefully apologize to him, and bent 90 degrees, but also feel quite cool. Yueyue, but.. Is that all right? More than a dozen elders turned a little pale. Now, in front of a group of disciples, the elder of the Golden Immortal Sect apologized to an outside disciple. Their face was lost. Among them, more than ten elders besides Duan Qianyi were very angry. Of course, they were not angry with Ning Yueyue. They didn't dare. They were angry because of Duan Qianyi. If it wasn't for Duan Qianyi's attack on Lin Tian, they would give Duan Qianyi face without stopping him. Where would they provoke Ning Yueyue, and where would they be forced to apologize to an outside disciple. But Duan Qianyi was angry with Duan Xingxian at this time. He wanted to wake up Duan Xingxian immediately, and then slapped him and fainted. It was not good to provoke anyone. He went to provoke Ning Yueyue's savior and embarrassed him. Ning Yueyue looked at more than a dozen elders, eyes fell on Duan Qianyi: "You started, hurt him, just apologize is not enough!"! In the coming year, Zongmen should give you a salary, but you are not allowed to take it, so you will be deprived of it! Duan Qianyi trembled. As an elder of the clan, he had a lot of benefits. He had a very high salary every month. A year's salary added up to an amazing value. All Listen to you,artificial coconut palm trees, Yueyue. He said, reluctantly squeezed out a smile, although the heart is very uncomfortable, but did not dare to have the slightest complaint, and the heart is to give Duan Xingxian a severe scolding, wish this time to go over and kick Duan Xingxian a few feet. This Such a scene, is to let this place a purple Xiaobao sect disciples tremble, deprived of an elder's salary,large ficus tree, that is the master of the clan and the elder is qualified to do, but now, a 13-year-old girl directly said so, and as an elder level figure Duan Qianyi, but even a little dissatisfaction is not dare to have. With a snort, Ning Yueyue turned her eyes away from Duan Qianyi and the others and looked at the inner disciples in the inner gate residence area. "Your business is over," she said. "It's their turn." She said, "Yueyue learned everything in the process of coming here. They are all guilty!"! In the next three years, you will deprive the Zongmen of all the cultivation resources they have given them, and you are not allowed to give them! Listening to this, in the area of Neimen residence, all the disciples of Neimen who were still sober turned pale and trembled. Like those big forces and sects in the starry sky, the sects in the immortal realm will also give their disciples certain resources and treasures. The higher the level of the disciples, the more valuable the resources allocated, including many elixirs and immortal medicines. The resources that an inner disciple of Zixiao Bao Sect can receive in three years are absolutely valuable. That's all right! Yueyue, faux ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, don't worry! This must be buckled! Buckle hard! "Yes!" "We must teach these little bastards a lesson!" This time, all the elders listened to the words of the rather Yueyue immediately after all is nodding, is because these inner disciples stirred up trouble to Lin Tian, only to cause the rather Yueyue anger, let them be implicated, they wish to beat to death this group of nothing looking for trouble within the disciples, now the rather Yue this purple Xiao Bao faction of the living ancestors opened their mouths to deprive these inner disciples of the next three years of practice resources, They have ten thousand wishes in their hearts. Chapter 1562 top ten competition. In terms of the cultivation resources of the disciples of Zixiaobao Sect, they have always been managed by the ordinary elders of Zongmen. At this time, listening to Ning Yueyue's words, more than a dozen elders who had nothing to do with these inner disciples to provoke Lin Tian and make themselves and others implicated announced that in the next three years, they would deprive all the inner disciples of their cultivation resources. All of a sudden, in the inner disciple's residence area, all the sober inner disciples' faces became paler. Chief, elders, I, I, we.. An inner disciple shivered and wanted to save something. Deprived of three years of training resources, ah, compared to such punishment, they would rather be beaten half to death by Lin Tian. How dare you talk?! Shut up! An elder shouted angrily. All the inner disciples immediately trembled, and the inner disciples who were still awake did not dare to say a word. Ning Yueyue snorted and looked at Lin Tian. She blinked and said, "Are you satisfied, Lin Tian?" Lin Tian smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Yueyue," he said. Ning Yueyue asked the elders to apologize to him, deprived Duan Qianyi of his salary for one year, and cut off all the cultivation resources of his inner disciples for the next three years, which made him feel very warm. You're welcome. Ning Yueyue shook her little head and said earnestly, "You are Yueyue's savior and friend. Bullying you is bullying Yueyue!" As she spoke, she added, "Well, your residence seems to have been destroyed. Shall Yueyue ask them to arrange a fairy peak for you?" Listening to Ning Yueyue say so, all the disciples of Zixiaobao Sect in this place are staring. Arrange a fairy peak?! Xianfeng, that is the true disciple of the clan who is qualified to have it. When more than a dozen elders heard this, they hurriedly stepped forward and looked at Lin Tian one by one. "Little brother, what do you think of Yueyue's idea?"? If you are willing, we will arrange the best Xianfeng for you to practice immediately! At this time, these Jinxian elders looked at Lin Tian, all of them had a warm and smiling face, but they all saw that Lin Tian and Ning Yueyue had a good relationship, and they all wanted to get closer to Lin Tian and Lin Tian, that is, to get closer to Ning Yueyue. In a sense, it was more valuable than getting closer to Zhang Jiao. Lin Tian looked at the dozen or so elders and naturally knew what they were thinking, but he ignored them. Instead, he looked at Ning Yueyue and said,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "No, Yueyue. We'll just choose another residence at random in the outer gate residence area." "Well, Yueyue will accompany you to choose." Ning Yueyue Road.

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