Qin Youzhi had a splitting headache and was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. With this trouble, the place that Han Yalian had painstakingly built up would become history from now on. If it reached her ears, she would probably lose her nose. This damn Piaowei, knowing that Zuozun had a bad relationship with Han Youzun, went to provoke him! Isn't that asking for trouble! What makes him even more depressed is that all the heroes at this time know that this place is the field of the right Han Yalian, maybe they will suspect that the Qin family has something to do with Han Youzun, so that the Qin family will be exposed as a chess piece lurking within the nine, and it will not be of much use value to Han Yalian, and maybe it will cause the reaction of the three elders. When the time comes, I'm afraid there will be the danger of extermination! Qin Youzhi tried his best to give Qin yuanzhi a wink. Qin yuanzhi received his eyes and hurried to Yunkuang's side. He whispered, "Girl, don't talk nonsense about the relationship between the Qin family and Han Youzun." As soon as his words fell, the little fairy in his eyes gave an earth-shaking cry, which attracted everyone's attention again: "What?"? Does your Qin family have a big relationship with Han Youzun? Do you want me to stop talking nonsense? Qin Youzhi and others immediately wanted to cry without tears, and even wanted to die. The world is smooth and heroic blood. Chapter 84 Gujia Yueyun. On purpose, she must have done it on purpose! Qin Youzhi glared at Yunkuang, wondering in his heart that his Qin family did not seem to have such an enemy, ah,Small Dc Gear Motor, how could this little woman be so difficult for them? In the blink of an eye, the Qin family almost became the public enemy of the world's heroes. Cloud crazy a word called, the public one Leng, followed by an uproar, looking at the Qin family's eyes have become ferocious up. To make such a thing, everyone will naturally think that your Qin family is so insidious and vicious! Colluding with Han Yalian, the old temptress,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, brought us here, deliberately wanting all the people in the world to lose their children and grandchildren, to be a man's wedding clothes, is really a group of things with human faces and animal hearts! Just from this look in the eyes, the Qin family will never have a foothold in the right path of Wulin in the future. Qin Youzhi almost cried: "No, no, how can my Qin family be related to these temptresses? This is a misunderstanding." "Misunderstanding?"? You brought us here by yourself, and you almost lost our children, and you dare to say that it was a misunderstanding. "Everyone shouted at us." Listen to me, I don't know the background of this place at all. I just borrowed this place on the way. We didn't expect that it was the trick of Han Yalian's temptress. You must believe me. As he spoke, Qin Youzhi ordered his subordinates with a ferocious look in his eyes, "Why don't you arrest all the temptresses and take strict care of them? A certain elder brought a group of people and horses to the meeting and rushed out. There was a mess in Guanhua's house. The chickens were flying and the dogs were jumping. They couldn't help but exclaim. The women were escorted out one by one and stood in a long row.". Although his action is very decisive, but a clansman is not a fool, Gear Reduction Motor ,gear reduction motor, the degree of trust in this is not high, the eyes are all naked suspicion. When the scene was like this, Yun Kuang slowly stood up to uphold justice: "Well, the little girl didn't hear it very clearly in the chaos just now, and she may have misheard it carelessly. Now that the Qin suzerain hates the old temptress so much, he is really righteous and righteous. He is definitely not an evil person.". It is believed that the suzerain will not let everyone down. He must break the necks of all the little temptresses who are harmful to the world and will never tolerate them. However, the suzerain is already tired. We can't just look at him and help him to eliminate the harm for Wulin! Kill these little temptresses on the spot! As soon as the voice fell, she pulled out a bright sword and nailed it to the forehead of the leading witch with a "whoosh". The woman's eyes were frightened, and her expression stopped at this moment. The red and white liquid on the top of her head slowly flowed down and fell back straight. It was the smile in the bushes, one of the two miracles of Guanhuaju. She smiled in the flowers for a long time, I do not know if you have ever thought that one day, his head also opened a red and white "flowers.". ” They reminded wake up by this, although not as fierce as the cloud crazy, but also really resent the harm of the sorceress Zuozun is here to support the field, when Han Yalian angry also can only be angry at night from the day of a person, at the moment a knife light brush shadow dancing, screaming, the dozens of sorceress but a moment has all fallen in a pool of blood, There was a very cold and bloody smell in the whole Guanhua Curie. Qin Zongzhu, hurriedly call someone to collect the bodies of these girls, although what they did before their death is not very good, but the dead are empty, they still have to be buried well. Cloud crazy sighed lightly, a look of compassion for heaven and man, suddenly won a large favor, four can not help but sigh with emotion. This little girl has a clear distinction between love and hate, and the heart of a Bodhisattva. She is really an exquisite and thorough person! A series of changes are so fast that people are caught off guard. Qin Youzhi's eyes darkened and he almost fainted abruptly. Cloud crazy act vigorously, said to provoke, said to start, there is no time to play a response, Qin Youzhi was in a dilemma, until this woman died one left, just feel dark, the world collapsed. God, this woman is an important tool for Han Youzun to cultivate a special supplement to increase her own power, now this death, even if he has ten heads, it is not enough for Han Yalian to cut! This is only a moment of time less than an hour, the Qin family actually went to the dead end, this is where the problem? Fierce stare cloud crazy and night from the day two people, even if he is stupid, also understand that these two people are to make a scene to bring them,24v Gear Motor, is simply to lead the wolf into the house ah! Little girl! Have you gone too far? At least this is my family's hero feast, you do this, can you still put my Qin family in the eye? Qin Youzhi asked angrily with a livid face.

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