Original title: Batches of medical supplies from all over the world have arrived in China, please remember them! Over the past few days, the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus has touched the hearts of the people of the whole country and even the people of the world. Faced with the fierce epidemic, many foreign airlines use their huge global network and logistics resources to cooperate with relevant organizations, partners and customers to deliver batches of emergency medical supplies to China to support China's fight against the epidemic. Qatar Airways It plans to carry out 40 cargo flights to China in February. Qatar Airways plans to carry out 40 regular and charter cargo flights to and from Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou in February, with Boeing 777 cargo planes and Boeing 747 cargo planes flying to help transport epidemic prevention materials. After receiving an important transportation mission from the Chinese Embassy in Qatar, Open up a green channel for the first batch of epidemic relief supplies from Qatar. 00:10, February 2 Flight QR8960, loaded with 100,000 medical masks and 2,700 protective gloves, landed smoothly at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. February 5 Announced the use of its global airline network to help China fight the COVID-19 epidemic and carry free medical supplies collected by all Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. As of February 13 Qatar Airlines has carried emergency epidemic prevention supplies free of charge for Chinese embassies and consulates in Qatar, Panama, Brazil, Ukraine and Lithuania. In the past two weeks, Qatar Airways has carried 3 million masks donated by non-governmental organizations and private organizations. Up to now, Qatar Airlines has flown three additional cargo charter flights on the basis of regular cargo flights. Federal Express Several batches of medical supplies have arrived in China. Expand the full text FedEx supports the International Direct Relief Organization to transport emergency medical protection supplies to Hubei Province, and so far, several batches of medical supplies have been delivered to China. It starts on January 25th FedEx assists Medtronic in providing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), medical ventilators, patient monitors and other equipment to domestic medical institutions. The first shipment of more than 600 pieces of emergency medical equipment and accessories has been quickly and safely transported from FedEx's logistics center in Shanghai to all parts of the country. Early morning of 26 and 27 January FedEx delivered medical supplies from the United States and Japan to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Both shipments were medical supplies, including N95 mask, medical gloves, plastic glasses, disinfectant paper towels and antibiotics. January 30 FedEx shipped more than 200,000 medical masks, as well as personal protective equipment such as outerwear and gloves,Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing, to Guangzhou from the United States. On the afternoon of January 31, it was transported from Guangzhou to Wuhan by relay transportation with China Post. In the early morning of February 2nd In the early morning of February 2, FedEx delivered a batch of more than 5 tons of medical supplies to the FedEx Asia-Pacific Transit Center at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou. Under the strong support and guidance of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs, all materials were cleared quickly on the same day and transported from Guangzhou to Hubei at the fastest speed through China Post Channel. Turkish Airlines Delivering humanitarian relief materials and medical supplies to China Since the spread of the new coronavirus and the grounding of some flights, Turkish Airlines Cargo Department has continued to deliver a large number of humanitarian relief supplies and medical supplies to China. February 12 Turkish Airlines Cargo, a cargo brand owned by Turkish Airlines, delivered a batch of humanitarian relief supplies and medical supplies to Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. The chartered flight, operated by Boeing 777 cargo plane, flew from Ataturk Airport in Turkey to Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou,KN95 Face Mask, carrying nearly 100 tons of various medical supplies, including medicines, medical breathing masks, disposable gloves and disinfection bottles. Singapore Airlines Help transport more than 100 tons of goods to China After the outbreak of COVID-19, Singapore Airlines actively assisted partners, corporate customers and organizations from all walks of life to transport medical supplies from all over the world to China. Up to now, Singapore Airlines has helped transport more than 100 tons of related materials to the mainland of China and Hong Kong, China. February 8 The chartered flight of Cool Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, to Wuhan delivered a total of 7 tons of diagnostic kits and medical supplies donated by the Singapore government to China. 17 February-28 March Singapore Airlines will maintain one Beijing-Singapore passenger flight per day, one Shanghai-Singapore passenger flight per day, three Guangzhou-Singapore passenger flights per week, and 13 cargo flights per week from Singapore to Shanghai and Hong Kong. SilkAir, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, will maintain a weekly Chongqing-Singapore passenger flight. UPS Free transportation of two batches of epidemic prevention materials to China UPS helps Wuhan to prevent and control COVID-19 pandemic, and provides free air logistics and transportation services for relief supplies. Two batches of UPS free supplies to help fight COVID-19 pandemic arrived in China in early February and February 14, respectively, including about 4 million masks. February 2 The relief supplies, including 2 million protective masks, free shipping disposable coverall ,Medical Disposable Coverall, 11000 sets of protective suit, 280,000 pairs of medical gloves and other medical supplies, arrived at the UPS Shanghai International Transit Center on a UPS flight from the United States and arrived in Wuhan on a domestic flight the next morning after customs clearance. The relief supplies were raised by the UPS Foundation. With the strong support of Shanghai Pudong Airport Customs and the active efforts of UPS staff and many parties, it took only three hours from the landing of the plane to the completion of customs clearance, and the goods were transported from Shanghai to Wuhan that evening. February 14 The second batch of UPS free supplies arrived in China in the early morning of this special Valentine's Day. UPS partnered with MedShare, a U.S. non-profit organization, and other organizations to provide free air and ground transportation for 1.8 million masks sent to China. Etihad Airways Free transportation of materials and normal operation of Beijing routes Under the coordination of the Business Office of the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airlines, as the carrier, carried out free transportation of medical supplies donated by Abu Dhabi Group42 Company to Zhejiang Red Cross Society. In addition, Etihad Airlines will continue to provide free transportation services for the materials donated by Group42 to China. February 4 Abu Dhabi Group 42 Company donated 10000 pieces of N95 mask, 1 million pieces of surgical mask, 30000 pairs of medical gloves, as well as a number of goggles and medical caps to the Zhejiang Red Cross Society, totaling 838 kilograms of medical supplies. After many communications, he was sent to the last flight of Etihad Airlines before the grounding of the Abu Dhabi to Shanghai route on February 4. On February 6, all the supplies were sent to the hospital in Zhejiang. At present Etihad Airlines operates normally on the Abu Dhabi-Beijing route, with one flight per day. From the middle and late February Etihad Airlines Shanghai cargo routes will also operate normally. Thai Airways Actively assist overseas organizations to deliver medical supplies free of charge In the face of the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Thai International Airlines actively assisted overseas groups to help deliver free medical supplies to support China's fight against the epidemic. At 1400 hours on February 4th With the landing of TG618 flight from Bangkok to Chengdu, 12 boxes of medical relief supplies weighing 130 kilograms were delivered to Chengdu Airport. It is understood that on February 3, the Chengdu Representative Office of Thai International Airlines received a letter of help from Emeishan Hospital and Emeishan Buddhist Association. Due to the lack of necessary medical protection facilities in Emeishan hospitals and monasteries, Buddhist organizations collected a batch of urgently needed medical supplies from Bangkok, Thailand, hoping to return to Chengdu through Thai Airlines flights. After receiving the letter of help, the Chengdu Representative Office of Thai Airlines immediately reported to the headquarters of Thai Airlines in China and Thailand. Leaders at all levels of Thai Airlines attached great importance to and responded in a timely manner, and promptly approved and agreed to deliver relief supplies free of charge. Medical relief supplies just delivered from Mount Emei The Chengdu office of Thai Airlines received another urgent message from a friend from Milan, Italy. He will take Thai Airlines in Milan on February 8, transfer to Chengdu via Bangkok, and bring back eight boxes of protective suit weighing 240 kilograms donated by the Chinese community in Milan to West China Hospital in Chengdu. After receiving this urgent information for help, the Chengdu Representative Office of Thai Airlines began a new round of active contacts to deliver the medical relief supplies to Chengdu and to the medical staff of West China Hospital in time. Asiana Airlines Three batches of medical supplies to help China In the face of the epidemic, Han Chang-soo, president of Asiana Airlines, said, "We will spare no effort to prevent and control the new pneumonia, prevent the spread of the epidemic, and do our best to provide assistance and support." January 31 Asiana Airlines donated 40 million won worth of N95 mask and other medical supplies to China, as well as 1200 sets of protective suit, 320 goggles and other protective equipment to Beijing and Chengdu via Asiana Airlines OZ333, OZ335 and OZ323. Lanmei Airlines Free transportation of materials to help overseas tourists return home Cambodia Lanmei Airlines actively responded to the initiative of the Cambodian government, interpreted the "iron friends" of Cambodia and China with practical actions, and was the first overseas airline to promise to carry relief supplies from Cambodia to China free of charge. As of February 5 Lanmei Airlines transported 21 batches of anti-epidemic relief materials from Cambodia to China free of charge, including more than 650,000 masks, protective suit 10000 and 135,000 pairs of gloves. January 28 In order to help tourists return to Wuhan as soon as possible, Lanmei Airlines communicated with the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, and based on the current policy of "retrograde expedition", confirmed that a group of passengers would be transported home by special plane through the Siem Reap-West Port-Shenzhen route. After receiving the task, the flight department and the crew department actively requested to fight, and finally the company selected the crew with excellent business to carry out the flight task and transport passengers back home. AirAsia Free transportation of medical supplies to support the fight against "epidemic" Since the outbreak of COVID-19, AirAsia has fully cooperated with relevant government departments and the Civil Aviation Administration of China in the prevention and control of the epidemic, while timely supporting the fight against the "epidemic". January 30 Air Asia Flight FD568, carrying a batch of medical supplies, took off from Langman International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, and landed safely at Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou at about 20:00 on the same day. The flight carried 18 boxes of free medical supplies prepared by local government departments in Hangzhou,Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, including 12 boxes of 25850 medical masks, 4 boxes of medical caps and 2 boxes of medical gloves, for local front-line anti-epidemic prevention and control medical staff and volunteers. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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