"Sniff ~ ~ ~" The fire of the star pole formed by the black Qiyao star pole is naturally more powerful. Under its calcination and tempering, the sword soul also begins to change. Quantitative change causes qualitative change. With the sound of the sword, the Yin and Yang sword soul slowly stops rotating. Two black throwing knives floated in the center of the Zhou Tian Gan Kun ball, and the black electric lines on the surface of the sword soul were not clear because the sword soul was black. A black knife burst out, sharp and full of tearing. The Second Chapter of Qiyao Star Pole-Black Chapter! Close eyes retreat Li Yang opened his eyes, eyes full of joy, finally broke through, finally reached the realm of the devil, and the transformation of the sword soul did not appear any problems, it is very direct to reach the realm of the devil. Suddenly. Li Yang's eyes lit up. Younger Martial Brother, is he going to break through? Li Yang's divine consciousness is how fierce, natural one eye saw through at the moment the side of Tian Gang also began to break through, Tian Gang also to reach the realm of the devil. When Li Yang arrived at the Demon Shrine, Tian Gang was the realm of the Demon Commander, and there was not much difference between him and Li Yang, plus Tian Gang's innate virtue. Strong in the body, absorb energy faster than Li Yang, Li Yang reached the realm of the devil, this Tian Gang almost reached the realm of the devil. However, Tian Gang's actual combat effectiveness is not as good as Li Yang's. It's great that the sword is so powerful that it can absolutely be attacked by leapfrogging. Younger Martial Brother is born with the virtue of the earth, and his affection for nature is also very fast. It is often said that the innate body can reach the realm of the Demon Emperor in ten thousand years. A thousand years to the realm of the Demon King,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, it seems to be true. Li Yang looked at it carefully and made sure that Tian Gang was not in any danger, so he was relieved. Suddenly Li Yang smiled. I've been in Leiyan Hell for so long that I haven't observed Leiyan Hell carefully in the whole range! Li Yang smiled and unfolded his divine consciousness. The divine consciousness was covered in an instant, and the whole Leiyan Hell, a huge fireball like the sun, was completely covered by Li Yang. Forbidden Area? The most horrible forbidden area, even Dazun will be injured in it. The first thing Li Yang carefully observed was the forbidden area. In the eyes of the outside world, the forbidden area was dark,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and everything that entered the forbidden area was swallowed up, and nothing could be seen at all, but under Li Yang's divine consciousness. Everything is clear in the forbidden area of the core of Leiyan Hell. In the core forbidden zone, countless electric snakes are winding and surging, burning hot flames on the lightning of electric snakes, and the flames dissolve on the lightning. Fire attribute thunder and lightning? Is it the so-called Lei Yan? Li Yang has doubts in his heart. As far as he knows, the plunder is generally thunder bombardment, and thunder is also divided into five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, but the core forbidden area of Leiyan Hell claims that even Dazun will be injured if he enters it, and the Demon Emperor will die if he enters it. Is a fire attribute thunder and lightning can let the demon emperor die? "Whew!" Suddenly. All the thunder disappeared in an instant, and a black flame flashed away, and at the same time there was a glimmer of lightning in it. Li Yang suddenly shook. The black lightning mark on his forehead also flashed away, Blue Bottle Serum ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and the whole thunder hell suddenly went crazy-the flame went crazy, the temperature went up another step, and the people who were still resisting the flame were destroyed in an instant. In an instant, Li Yang came to his senses. What's the matter? Li Yang shook his head suddenly. He felt that he didn't know what had happened just now. Immediately, Li Yang smiled and did not delve any further. The divine consciousness continued to observe to see what the other practitioners were doing? "Why did most of the people come back to the colorful mask all of a sudden?" Li Yang was surprised to find that within the colorful mask, there were ten people who went back in an instant. Li Yang did not know that it was just when he saw the black thunder inflammation that the whole thunder inflammation hell was burning hot in an instant. Many people were at the limit of resisting the flame. The flame suddenly rose to a higher level. Many people were destroyed. Fortunately, one by one, they reacted quickly and returned to the colorful mask through the control stone in an instant. Shit, what's with the flames? Why did the temperature suddenly rise? Xiang Yu slightly frowned, thanks to the artifact fusion in the body, defense improved a lot, was not damaged. When Li Yang's divine consciousness saw Xiang Yu, he could not help sighing: "The overlord has good luck, and the density of Lei Yan in my place is also very good." At the same time, Li Yang's divine consciousness continued to search carefully to the sixth floor. Morty! Seven Demon Emperors, how many Demon Emperors are there in the whole Demon World? But in Leiyan Hell, there are seven Demon Emperors practicing here at the moment. Among them, there are three Demon Emperors, Liu Rou Demon Emperor and Karst Demon Emperor. After these three people sent Li Yang and others here, they practiced in the sixth layer and did not leave. Hurry up, Black Yao Ice Stone, catch it quickly. I don't know how many times I've been here, but I finally saw it once. The Demon Emperor shouted, and at the same time he ran after him as fast as he could. Karst, go to the left to block, I go to the right, catch it quickly. Liu Rou Demon Emperor immediately a Jiao drink, karst Demon Emperor immediately flashed to the left. Quickly want to intercept, black ice stone, is a big stone, the stone is about one meter high, suffused with crystal black. Li Yang is startled: "What treasure is this black Yao ice stone? Are the three evil emperors so nervous about playing piglets?" The more he looked at Li Yang, the more shocked he was that the black ice stone had spirituality. Unexpectedly know how to avoid, how fast are the three evil emperors? But the speed of the three Demon Emperors could not catch the Black Yao Ice Stone. "No, go after it!" The face of the Demon Emperor suddenly changed, and the faces of the other two Demon Emperors also turned red. Between the black Yao ice stone actually straight line toward the core abstinence to fly, the three big demon emperor is also desperate to catch up with the fastest speed, but has been worse than the black Yao ice stone on a line, soon, the three big demon emperor chasing and pecking the black Yao ice stone, through layers of hell. In a twinkling of an eye, we reached the first floor. Come on, it's too late. We wasted an opportunity millions of years ago. We must seize it this time. The Demon Emperor suddenly sent out a ray of light on his body, and the speed rose to a higher level. The other two demon emperors are also desperate. Speed up a step, quickly toward the Black Yao Ice Stone, but even if they reached the fastest speed,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, still only the same level as the Black Yao Ice Stone, still can not catch up. No, stop it and get into the colorful mask! 。

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