Rediafile Online storageRediafile Online storage or cloud storage is used a lot today. Not to be confused with online backup, it's about keeping all your data in sync so you can find your files anytime, anywhere.The files thus synchronized are available from your computers, phones, tablets, or from a web browser.Redia file Cloud storage also offers other useful features. For example, sharing files or folders with friends or colleagues becomes very easy. A simple link is sent by email,messenger ,facebook twitter all social media  and the file is shared, regardless of its size.
 Rediafile, This is a classic cloud file storage and sharing service offered by OVH, a French company that hosts websites and rents private servers.Rediafile can be used from any web browser or using a dedicated application, landline or mobile. Rediafile offers the classic features of a cloud service, plus a very practical backup service. In order to differentiate itself from other similar services, Rediafile the free version allowed to store up to 1tr of data. Even an unlimited file stockRediafile accepts large files of all types, without restrictions. The ideal solution for your heavy attachments, your vacation movies ... or any other file.What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage?The advantage, compared to a USB stick, is that you will be able to connect from any internet-connected device to your cloud storage. The icing on the cake: unlike USB keys, computer memories or hard drives, your data is unlikely to be lost in the event of a failure. However, this requires an internet connection. Also, the data stored in the cloud no longer belongs to you completely since it is kept on servers. Another drawback: if some clouds allow you free storage, it is only for 5 GB. Beyond that, you will have to pay a monthly fee to store your data.rediafile has overcome the disadvantage of clouds and offers unlimited storage.How to use the cloud?Create an account with a very secure password (a complex code that you do not use on other sites). The services in our selection offer several options for viewing or adding stored files. From a computer, a very simple method that works on all of our selections is to go to the site via a web browser and then connect to it. File transfer is usually done by dragging the item into your cloud space.Which cloud to choose?An excellent quality cloud for easily saving photos and documents. share your vedio, photos with your loved ones.