About Redpah

Redpah is a big red elephant, and also a community where you can upload and download 3D print files. You can use Redpah to find free print files, as an open source library, or just to reach more people with your amazing work! 

At Redpah, you also have the option of buying and selling files. This could be used to offer a premium version of your design, or as a way to market your work and accept contributions. Maybe you're an engineer who's great at making rare spare parts, or maybe you're an talented artist trying to make a living! 

We are committed to a fair marketplace where good quality has an opportunity to succeed. Sellers must take an oath of file originality, and any legal accusations made against a seller's files must be defended by the seller. If a seller cannot defend his or her originality, we will remove the files from the marketplace.

As far as location goes, we're based in Texas, but welcome visitors and contributors from around the world.

See you around!