How to Purchase Files

How do I buy 3D print files?

Just add files to your shopping cart. You can check out with your Paypal account or any major credit card. So that we can keep track of your purchases you will be required to register an account prior to purchasing files.

How do I know which 3D files to trust?

We recommend you first download a seller's free files to check his or her quality. Good sellers will invest time to create quality free files to build their fan base.

What format will the files come in?


How many times can I print the 3D file?

Unlimited, for your individual use.

What if I lose my 3D print file after I purchase it?

We will store your files for you in the cloud. You can access your files anytime you're online.

What if I need help with a file?

You may contact the seller through the product's comments. Sellers are liable for the quality of their files, as well as their originality. If you have a complaint please contact us at