8-Ball and 9-Ball Rack Pieces clhartm2

This project was inspired by the need to create a new rack for my old small Minnesota Fats Pool Table. I could not find a replacement rack anywhere.

These are the .STL files I used to create 8- and 9- ball racks for my small pool table (D-1.5 " size balls). I created individual pieces for the sides and joints because my printer has a small build platform.

The FreeCAD (TM) CAD files are available on Thingiverse.com in case makers want to modify/scale these components for a more custom design.

These designs were created using a Printrbot Simple Metal using PLA filament. 
For 8-Ball Rack:
3 - 60dRackJoints
3 - 8BallRackSide, or 6 - 9BallRackSide
12 - RackPin, or 18 - RackPin

For 9-Ball Rack:
2 - 60dRackJoint
2 - 120dRackJoint
4 - 9BallRackSide
16 - RackPin

Glued together using Loctite super glue. 

Makers may want to use small dowel rod pieces instead of printing rack pins.

Feel free to make comments.

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