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File: Mallet.stl
Name: Dead Weight Mallet Handle and Head
Material: 31.26 grams (0.069 lbs) Infill = 12%
Size: 25.4 mm (1") x 53.34 mm (2.1") x 139.7 mm (5.5")
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 704 layers  
Rafts: Yes  
Supports: No
Print Time: 4 hr 8 min
Function:  This is two parts we made in manual lathe class so I tweaked the design to make it 3D printable.  One thing we can do since it 3D printed is to hollow the head out so you can put sand, bb's, or lead shot in it to make a "Dead Blow" or "Dead Weight" mallet.  ABS will take impact better than PLA so if you plan on really using this a lot you might consider changes materials.  If scaled 1:1 then the threads work really well but if you scale it down the threads might need more clearance.

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Uploaded 12/11/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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