Storm32 Brushless Gimbal for RunCam2 Victor

Brushless Gimbal for the camera RunCam2.
The main feature consists in hollow rays where there pass wires from motors.

2 x AX-2206 from hobbyking (roll and pitch axis)
1 x 2804-100T from (with hollow shaft)
controller is Storm32 BGC with cc3d atom as IMU. You may use traditional i2c-IMU, but it has many interference problems. I don`t recomend this. Buy Strom32 with new NT-module or use old cc3d-atom as NT-module.

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Uploaded 08/24/2016
62mm_8.5mm_diameter_2x_boom_holder.STL 34 KB
CC3D_atom_NTmodule_box.STL 4 KB
CC3D_atom_NTmodule_box_top.STL 3 KB
gimbal_roll_arm_v2.STL 457 KB
gimbal_RunCam2_stand.STL 779 KB
gimbal_storm32_cover.STL 51 KB
gimbal_YAW_arm_v2.STL 667 KB
gimbal_YAW_motor_holder.STL 106 KB
V-HEX_62mm_2x_boom_holder_v2.STL 42 KB
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