Zortrax M200 - Spool Holder 60-70-80-90-100mm _Stefano17_

Hi, For those who use filaments from other suppliers on Zortrax M200 may have the problem of the reel support, for this reason I have created a series of supports that guarantees coverage of various thicknesses ....

60mm (63mm)
70mm (73mm)
80mm (83mm)
90mm (93mm)
100mm (103mm)

the conformity of the support allows the insertion of coils up to a hole diameter of 30mm

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Uploaded 04/23/2018
Porta bobina 60.stl 223 KB
Porta bobina 70.stl 216 KB
Porta bobina 80.stl 210 KB
Porta bobina 90.stl 202 KB
Porta bobina 100.stl 208 KB
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