Adjustable Power Strip Mount clhartm2

I was looking for a way to mount my surge protector to my office desk. My current desk is cheap enough that I did not was to drill holes into the particleboard unless absolutely necessary.   I wanted to design something where most of the parts could be 3d printed and use simple items like a rubber bands to hold the design together.

My design uses three printed pieces. The TopClamp pieces is the main body the mount. The BottomClamp of course goes is slotted into the bottom of the main body. The SurgeClamp is slotted into the channel with open base. Two Rubber-bands are used to hold the mount together.
The head on the SurgeClamp approximates a #6 pan head screw for slotting into most surge protector mounting holes.
Rug/Matt grip tape was places on to the ends that clamp to furniture help the mounts stay stationary.
I do NOT recommend this design to be used for vertical orientations at this time

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