MAYA Pyramid Sergio Lanna

I made this Mayan pyramid (Chicken Itza style) for the board game "Copan" that my friend F. Angeletti is making.

I printed it both with 3d printer with filament (Prusa clone) with 6x6cm base and with resin (Anycubic Photon) with 5x5cm base and 2x2cm base. With stairways and without stairways

ITALIANO Ho realizzato questa piramide Maya (Stile Chicken Itza) per il gioco da Tavolo "Copan" che il mio amico F. Angeletti sta realizzando.

L'ho stampata sia con stampante 3d a filamento (Prusa clone) con base 6x6cm che con resina (Anycubic Photon) con base 5x5cm e base 2x2cm. Con scalinate e senza.

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Uploaded 01/15/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

MayaSimple2x2.stl 8 KB
MayaSimple5x5.stl 8 KB
MayaSimple6x6.stl 8 KB
MayaStairs2x2.stl 62 KB
MayaStairs5x5.stl 62 KB
MayaStairs6x6.stl 62 KB
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