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Modular Futomaki Sushi consisting of 5 interlocking parts.Modularity allows you to print separate pieces in different colors thus limiting post-production work related to unique, non-modular models.Inside the .zip file you will find two different settings depending on the relative tolerance of your printer, to ensure the best printing of the piece.If you have an inaccurate printer, I recommend printing the files inside the "tolerance-0.2" folder, if you have a very precise printer, you can print the files inside the "tolerance-0.1" folder.They do not require supports.I recommend a layer quality of 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm.I recommend slicing according to the guidelines shown in the photo, so that you can print the parts as simply as possible.In summary, a good print setting could be the following:
(Files "tolerance-0.1")layer quality / height 0.1mmsupports no
(Files "tolerance-0.2")layer quality / height 0.2mmsupports no

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Uploaded 05/7/2020

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

layer1-0,1mm.stl 25 KB
layer2-0,1mm.stl 17 KB
layer3-0,1mm.stl 72 KB
layer3-v2-0,1mm.stl 13 KB
layer4-0,1mm.stl 5 KB
layer4-v2-0,1mm.stl 13 KB
layer5-0,1mm.stl 5 KB
layer5-v2-0,1mm.stl 73 KB
layer1-0,2mm.stl 25 KB
layer2-0,2mm.stl 17 KB
layer3-0,2mm.stl 72 KB
layer3-v2-0,2mm.stl 13 KB
layer4-0,2mm.stl 5 KB
layer4-v2-0,2mm.stl 13 KB
layer5-0,2mm.stl 5 KB
layer5-v2-0,2mm.stl 73 KB
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