Ornate Bull Skazok

Print ready bull sculpture.

Measure units are millimeters, it is about 9.6 cm in length (from horns to tail).

Mesh is manifold, no holes, no inverted faces, no bad contiguous edges.

Here is two version of the model:

1) OBull_Solid.stl    -  Here is the solid version. The model consists of 987930 triangular faces (without base).

2) OBull_Hollow.stl    -  Here is the hollow version. The model consists of 1153494 triangular faces. Wall thickness is about 0.75 mm. And there is a little part that works like a plug.

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Uploaded 03/20/2021

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

OBull_Solid.stl 47 MB
OBase_Hollow.stl 11 MB
OBasel_Solid.stl 7 MB
OBull_Part.stl 225 KB
OBull_Hollow.stl 55 MB
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