Research Submarine scale model 3D model 3D printlines

Files format : STL

The package include the body of the submarine as one single part and also as 2 parts for easier printing

The model ( full assembled model ) length is 100mm and you may re-scale it based on your desire ( don't forget to re-scale all parts with the same % )

Dimensions : 100mm H * 35mm W * 45mm H

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Uploaded 08/27/2023

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Body16.stl 2 MB
Body46.stl 4 MB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body2.stl 638 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body5.stl 1 MB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body14.stl 133 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body15.stl 133 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body21.stl 74 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body23.stl 33 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body26.stl 36 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body27.stl 154 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body28.stl 147 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body29.stl 96 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body30.stl 58 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body31.stl 110 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body32.stl 110 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body42.stl 3 MB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body43.stl 2 KB
Sub_V1 v13_Sub_V1 v13_Body45.stl 684
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I quite like this Friday Night Funkin model, I will look into using it further
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