Minecraft Dungeons is an extremely popular open-world game hipohaha

Minecraft is an open-world 3D game with images created by square blocks. With an extremely large world, it is calculated that Minecraft is bigger than the earth; walking around the earth is even more feasible than letting your character walk all the way through Minecraft's map.
A completely new game in the paper minecraft world will come to PC in 2019. Yesterday, September 30, Mojang announced a "new" game, Minecraft Dungeons, at Minecon Earth 2018.
Developed in secret by a 'small and dedicated team' within Mojang, the developer describes Minecraft Dungeons as a classic dungeon-inspired action-adventure game.
The game will support up to four players with a variety of weapons, items, and mobs, as well as a variety of environments for players to explore. In addition, players also perform the same mission of facing an enemy called the Arch-Illager.
Dungeons is essentially a Minecraft world with specific areas, specific quests, and specific monsters.' Additionally, new adorable cats and pandas will also be added 'very soon'.

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Minecraft Dungeons, a spin-off of the immensely popular Minecraft, offers a new adventure in its blocky universe.
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Minecraft Dungeons is indeed a hit! It's like Minecraft's adventurous cousin. If you're lost, those user manuals are your best buddies for navigating these blocky worlds.
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