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For those who do not have much experience and skills in playing Minecraft, it is also very normal for them to help themselves by using some cheat codes and cheat commands. The following article will guide you through some Minecraft game cheat commands for convenience during the initial gameplay.

Minecraft is one of the few games that is considered a classic, famous and popular around the world, although the interface and images in the game are not beautiful, the content is not attractive, and the sound is only average. mediocre. However, what makes the main attraction of these magic squares is the style and gameplay in an infinite World. Players will be able to do things like in reality in the game so that their character can survive, develop or build their own projects.

How to use paper minecraft cheat commands

Previously, introduced to you some basic commands in Minecraft, however, those are just commands to perform operations in the game, which can be roughly understood as clean commands, not fraudulent. much. Today's article will be another list of commands, helping you, no matter what mode you play in, to apply and do things that even the most experienced Miner can hardly do simply. simplest.

To be able to enter cheat codes while playing Minecraft, you can press C or T to display the command bar, then enter the code as usual. However, before that, you also need to activate the cheat code mode for the game by:

Select ON mode in Allow Cheats when you are creating a New World (Create New World)

Or while playing the game, open the Game menu, select Open to LAN and then enable Allow Cheats.

In addition, there are some other special commands such as:

Rainbow sheep: If you name any sheep you have jeb_, its fur will continuously change colors like a rainbow.

Turn any animal upside down: Use the name tag and place it on any animal to turn it upside down. Quite interesting, but you will need to get these name tags by making them yourself (using 3.4 iron ingots), searching in Dungeons, fishing or exchanging with villagers (exchange value must be up to 20 Emeralds). new). This command is also only available in version 1.8.1.

Display aspect ratio: While playing, press + hold F3 key.

View current latency: Press and hold the F6 key while playing.Chu

Switch view: If you are playing in Survival mode, you can press F5 to change the perspective and switch to third-person view.

Create rain: Press the F5 key in Creative mode to create rain.

Instantly creates a village (also known as a village seed). Use the /gimmeabreak/ command in a spacious, large area and stand facing the sun, immediately a village will appear behind you.

Duplicate objects: If you are playing Multiplayer mode, you can duplicate crafted objects by:

Press the T key to open the chat frame

Then enter the command /give item ID [1-64] there and Enter

Each object in the Minecraft game is assigned a certain code from 1 to 64. Enter the code corresponding to the object you want to increase its quantity. However, not all objects can be duplicated, especially colored wool and special dyes.

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Learn essential Minecraft cheat commands for beginners to enhance gameplay.

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In Minecraft, cheat commands can be a lifesaver for beginners. Some handy ones include /gamemode for switching modes and /give for spawning items. see more in the game's wiki!
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