Charizard Low-Poly Brown

Charizard, one of the legendary Pokémon, is recreated in Low-Poly 3D with creativity and simplicity. This statue stands out for the sophistication of its lines and the simplicity of its Low-Poly design, creating a modern and unique look at the familiar Pokémon.
Charizard is placed on a circular platform and is about 20 centimeters tall, crafted from PLA plastic, a safe and popular 3D printing material. This statue offers the perfect combination of overall shape and exquisite detail.
Color: Charizard is printed in white, creating a sophisticated and elegant white appearance. This not only enhances the simplicity of the Low-Poly design, but also creates a unique look, drawing in ring suika game light and creating shadows to highlight each edge and line
Detail: Although designed with the simplicity of Low-Poly, the statue still retains important details of Charizard. The Pokémon's wings, massive head, and prominent fire from its back are recreated with fluidity and consistency.

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Uploaded 11/21/2023
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