Halter Laser-Entfernungsmesser, passend für Blitzschuh z.B für Polaroid 600 Kevin Baumberger

Holder for a laser rangefinder in my case one from Xaiomi LS1 with dovetail guide

The photos still show the old version, which is a bit too short. As soon as I get around to it, I'll take a photo of the current version and upload it for illustration purposes.

Consisting of 4 printed parts

1.holder lower part suitable for standard hot shoe 2.holder upper part3.knurled screw 15mm4. knurled screw 20 mm

Required for completion: 1x threaded rod M3 approx. 125mm long 2x threaded inserts M3 4.6mm diameter 4x M3 nut 5.5 mm width across flats

3x washer approx. 6.8 outer diameter 3.4mm inner diameter 1x nylon screw 20mm head cut off and shortened to approx. 16mm (a metal knurled screw can also be used CAUTION then do not overtighten, otherwise there will be marks on the spacer)

Printed in PA 12 CF 15,

However, any other common filament can be used, e.g. PLA+ , ASA, PETG etc.

3D printing settings Layer height: 0.15-0.2mm depending on the desired quality, I prefer 0.16mm layer height

-Infill: 25-50% depending on the filament used

-Speed: With PA 12 CF 15 55mm/s, depending on the material used, printer model and quality, it can certainly be printed faster.

-Printing time: between 120 min and 240 min, depending on quality.

-no support structure necessary

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Uploaded 12/5/2023

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Halter Distanzmesser Polaroid oben.stl
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Halter Distanzmesser Polaroid unten 114 mm.stl
(204 KB)
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Rändel Distanzhalter Polaroid 15.5 mm.stl
(737 KB)
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Rändel Distanzhalter Polaroid 20.6mm.stl
(625 KB)
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