PET VASE CAP_02 masa_4dc

PET VASE CAP_02 is VASE CAP that can be attached to the PET bottles for carbonated. (It depends on the type of plastic bottles.)

There is a file of the bracket and files of two types of wall-mounted type and Normal Upper parts.

Parts of the center will print two.

There is a case where the output can be difficult depending on the type of slicer and 3d printer.

The output product by direct, indirect damages can not be held responsible in any case.

Accessories in the image is not included.

sample Parameters(Material_ABS)
Layer Thickness_0.15mm
Skin Thickness_1mm

About size 77x66x61 mm

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Uploaded 10/15/2014
pet_vase_cap_02_bracket.stl 98 KB
pet_vase_cap_02_ctr.stl 482 KB
pet_vase_cap_02_lwr.stl 616 KB
pet_vase_cap_02_upr.stl 1 MB
pet_vase_cap_02_upr-wall.stl 2 MB
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Nice one, Masa
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