And really barren cave, must also be terrible, such a place, can be trapped an important figure of the seven Yao Dynasty, how can it be simple? The place where the so-called important people are trapped is absolutely a terrible situation! Although he has a complete control of the Dragon Sutra, but after all, the practice time is not long, some particularly terrible situation, with his current ability is still very difficult to solve, in case he happens to be unable to solve the situation, when the time comes to put himself in, it is not cost-effective. Of course, the main reason was that he had no reason to help the Qiyao Dynasty. The Qiyao Dynasty had nothing to do with him. Why did he take the risk? "Sorry." He shook his head and walked towards the mountains ahead. Little friend, please wait! The middle-aged man hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Zhenhuangdao Cave is really dangerous. However, my clan naturally won't let you work in vain, little friend.". When I came out, the emperor gave some generous conditions, if the little friend is willing to help, after it is done, my clan is willing to give you the spirit crystal promoted to the realm of immortals! When Lin Tian heard this, he gave him Lingjing, who was promoted to the realm of immortals? This is indeed what he needs most at present! "To reach Wonderland, I need about twenty thousand catties of Lingjing. Is Qiyao Dynasty willing to give me twenty thousand catties of Lingjing?" He froze. The middle-aged man didn't think much about it. He nodded and said, "Yes!"! As long as the little friend is willing to help, and help my clan rescue that person, twenty thousand catties of Lingjing, is not a problem! Lin Tian's expression moved slightly, worthy of the three imperial Dynasties, twenty thousand catties of Lingjing, said to give, did not hesitate at all. However, it can also be seen that the trapped man is very important to the Qiyao Dynasty! "May I ask who the trapped man is?" He said. The middle-aged man hesitated a little, but did not hesitate too long, after all, please Lin Tian to save people, who is the person to save,Fish measuring board, even if he does not say now, later Lin Tian himself can know. He opened his mouth again and said, "It's an old ancestor of my clan. He went out and disappeared decades ago. I don't know where he went. It was not until recently that, with the help of the God Operator of Tianji Pavilion, he found the trace of the old ancestor and was trapped in Zhenhuangdao Cave.". After that, there were many strong people in my clan who wanted to rescue our ancestors, but, but, but.. Chapter 625 True Wilderness Cave. The middle-aged man did not finish his words, but Lin Tian could imagine that the strong people who went to the rescue should all have died in the real wasteland cave, none of them came out alive, and the strong people who could let an emperor go to the rescue died constantly, which was enough to show that the real wasteland cave was terrible, and it was absolutely a dangerous place like a demon. He frowned slightly and thought to himself. After a while, his eyes flashed a wisp of fine awn. He looked at the middle-aged man and said, "Are you sure you will give me twenty thousand catties of Lingjing afterwards?" "Nature!"! As long as we can successfully rescue our ancestors, twenty thousand catties of Lingjing will be no problem! The middle-aged man nodded solemnly and said, "Besides, in the future, tape measure clip ,Fiberglass tape measure, if you want to go to the fourth heaven, I can provide you with a transport array at no cost.". Of course, the transport array can only send you to the barbarian land, to go to the fourth heaven, ultimately on your own. Lin Tian heart is a move, leading to the fourth domain of time and space portal is located in the barbarian, the people of Shengzhou want to ascend the fourth domain of heaven, they must first go to the barbarian, and in this piece of Shengzhou, only the three emperors have a transport array leading to the barbarians, in general, monks need to pay a certain price to use the transport array of the three emperors. Now the middle-aged man said that he could provide him with a transport array at no cost in the future, which solved another problem for him in the future, because he must go to the fourth heaven in the future and must rely on the transport array of the three emperors. Finally, he nodded to the middle-aged man: "Good!" " Give him twenty thousand catties of spirit crystal, provide free transport array for him to use in the future, send him to the barbarian, so that the two conditions together, it is worth his risk. Moreover, in the face of some special dangers, it is also helpful for him to practice the Dragon Sutra. After all, practice is the only way to get true knowledge. The middle-aged man showed a happy look: "Well, thank you, little friend!"! I will remember my promise and never break it! At that moment, the middle-aged man led the way, followed by Lin Tian, two people in the air, soon left the mountains. About a day later, the two men stopped at a post station. The station was very large and bordered by a stretch of mountains. Please wait for two days. Three days later, someone from my clan will arrive here and then go to Zhenhuangdao Cave. The middle-aged man said. Lin Tian nodded and looked at the continuous mountains. He knew the three dangerous areas of Shengzhou from ancient books, and naturally he knew where Zhenhuangdao Cave was located, in the continuous mountains. At this time, he stared at the front, mountains, fairy breath intertwined, can not see any danger, however, is in this mountain, but is located in Shengzhou many monks heard of the real barren cave, let him have to sigh, nature is really magical. On this day, the night soon fell. The entire post here has been set down by the Qiyao Dynasty, and no other monks have come here, so the whole post is very spacious and quiet. In the evening, Lin Tian crossed his knees in the room, his eyes slightly closed, and silently comprehended the Dragon Sutra in the sea of divine knowledge. In the near future, I will go to Zhenhuangdao Cave. Before I really leave for that evil land, I will watch this ancient scripture carefully. Even if it doesn't play a big role, it won't be a bad thing. Gradually, the sky brightened. Then the sun moved on the sky and darkness fell again. In this way, day and night alternate, and three days pass quickly. On this day, there was a rumbling sound in the distance, and dozens of people came to control the strange beasts. These strange beasts were all extraordinary, and their blood was amazing. Dozens of people, led by an old man in gold robes, came to the post station in a twinkling of an eye. The middle-aged man who had brought Lin Tian here hurriedly stepped forward and saluted the gold-robed old man who was the leader: "Old Nine Emperors." Lin Tiansui, next to the middle-aged man, looked up at the old man in the golden robe,Surveyors tape measure, slightly surprised that the old man was actually at the level of the road, and his spirit was amazing. This makes his heart dark Rin, did not expect that this vein actually has a strong person to come in person.

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