Dizzy dead, unripe bitter gourd? Just thinking about it, I seem to have a bitter liquid in my mouth, let alone eating it. As soon as I was ready to speak, Guan Yufei raised her tear-stained face and asked Ye Han very seriously, "Is it really useful?" Ye Han said, "Of course it's useful. I'm afraid you can't stick to it. The raw bitter gourd is very bitter." Ye Han said as he shook a big circle in front of him with both hands, describing how bitter the bitter gourd was and exaggerating his movements. Guan Yufei nodded repeatedly, quickly wiped a tear, jumped out of bed, and went straight to the door. She's not really going to buy bitter gourd, is she? It's killing me. 21 After Guan Yufei left, I asked Ye Han, "Can bitter gourd really lose weight?"? You're not fooling Guan Yufei, are you? "Of course it's true. Why did I fool her?" Ye Han waved his hand, went to the table and took out two bags of plum, threw one bag to me, "If you don't believe me, you can check it on the Internet." "But the raw bitter gourd." How unpalatable it is. As I spoke, I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, as if my mouth was bitter. I quickly opened the bag of plum that Ye Han threw to me and stuffed one into my mouth. Yes, but the bitter gourd must be eaten raw to effectively achieve the effect of weight loss,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and eat two to three a day, because the bitter gourd contains a lot of fat-clearing elements, which is very well-founded. If you want to lose weight, you naturally have to pay a price. Do you want to eat apples to lose weight? Speaking of this, Ye Han rolled his eyes and suddenly lowered his voice and said, "In fact, I don't think the real reason why Guan Yufei wants to lose weight is that she is afraid that she will become the next target of the murderer." "Oh?" "What's the reason?" I asked in surprise. "I just want to lose weight." Seeing my face at a loss, Ye Han frowned as if I were a fool. "Can't you see that?"? Didn't she break up with Su Chenyang? I guess it must be that Su Chenyang thought she was fat,ultrasonic dispersion machine, so he didn't want her. "Isn't that right?"? It seems that Guan Yufei didn't want Su Chenyang. "Ha!"! You listen to her nonsense, and you don't want her like that? Su Chenyang is a famous schoolboy in our school. Guan Yufei doesn't want him? You're really killing me Said, Ye Han really laughed, fell on the bed, laughing back and forth. I gave her a discontented look. Is it so funny? When Ye Han saw me rolling my eyes at her, he laughed more and more, as if he had been hit by a laughing point, and could not stop. I ignored her and stood up from Guan Yufei's bed. When I stood up, with a wave of my left hand, I accidentally knocked down the small book beside the bed. I bent down to pick it up, but I accidentally caught a glimpse of one of the pages with such words: Today, she called me again, she said, her patience has reached the extreme, if I do not do what she said, she will tell the truth, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but also hurt him, now, I am not afraid of her to tell the truth, all this is not mine, I just.. What should I do? I'm really in pain, in pain. …… "Boss!"! The eldest brother I didn't have to guess that Liancheng was coming. I quickly picked up the diary on the ground and put it on the bed in a hurry. My heart was beating fast. Although I didn't mean it, it was not a glorious thing to peep at other people's diaries. As soon as I put the diary back, Liancheng was swept into the dormitory like a gust of wind-since she knew I lived in this dormitory, she ran here when she had nothing to do. At this time, her face was red, her forehead was covered with sweat, and she was carrying a pile of wet loquats in her clothes, which should have just been washed, and her clothes were all wet. I quickly took out a washbasin and put those loquats in it. I was puzzled and asked, "Liancheng, why don't you put them in a bag?" Liancheng was trying to wring the water from his clothes. He beeped his mouth and said, "Isn't the bag broken?"? So I had to carry it in my clothes. Ye Han jumped over, grabbed a loquat and pointed to the surprisingly large satchel on Liancheng's body. "Then why don't you pack it?" He joked. Liancheng stared at Ye Han in surprise with his small eyes, as if Ye Han had asked an idiot: "Don't you know there are books in your bag?"? What if it gets wet? Ye Han and I looked at each other and were speechless. At this time, Guan Yufei came back, only to see her right hand is holding a bitter gourd chewing, left hand bag also contains several bitter gourds. We all stopped and stared at her, and she ignored our reaction and ate without even frowning. Seeing her eating with such relish, Liancheng asked curiously, "Are you eating bitter gourd?"? Not bitter? Guan Yufei nodded and said, "Of course it's bitter." So she said, but she still chewed it, and it didn't look very bitter at all. Liancheng stood up: "Lian!"! If it's bitter, how can you eat it with such relish? I'll take a bite and see. Said, she also regardless of Guan Yufei with or without agreement, grabbed Guan Yufei in the hands of half a bitter gourd bite down. As soon as her complexion changed, she darted outside the door and spat out all the bitter gourds, shouting, "It's too bitter!"! It's not human food at all. It's a lie! Ye Han laughed so hard that he almost lost his breath. He laughed and gasped: "I've never seen anyone as silly as her. They all said it was very hard to try." Oh, I'm laughing to death. Liancheng walked into the room, blushed, gave Ye Han a white look, and muttered, "You are stupid." Then he pointed to Guan Yufei. "She's even more stupid. She eats raw bitter gourd." With these words, he took out two loquats from the washbasin and gave them to Guan Yufei. Guan Yufei shook her head repeatedly and said, "I'll eat this." He took out another bitter gourd and ate it. Liancheng immediately frowned, looked at Guan Yufei like a monster, and touched her arm with an exaggerated hand. It was Guan Yufei's action that made her get goose bumps all over. Looking at Guan Yufei, my heart suddenly uncomfortable up, Liancheng just can not even eat a mouthful, you can imagine how difficult it is to swallow the bitter gourd. Thinking of this, I patted Liancheng on the shoulder: "Go, go out with me to buy something." Liancheng still looked at Guan Yufei eating bitter gourd without blinking. When I patted her like this, she jumped: "Ah?"? Where to go 22 After walking out of the door,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, Liancheng turned his head sideways and asked me, "Boss, Guan Yufei is so strange. Why does she eat balsam pear instead of loquat?" 。

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